Privacy Policy

Data We Collect

Profile & Registration

In order to provide a more personal and accurate experience, we ask for personal data, such as height, weight, age/dob, gender, zip code. An email address is collected for account tracking and communication.

Fitness & Heart

In order to provide insight into your cardiovascular fitness we collect your exercise programs & completion details as well as cardiovascular (CV) indicators throughout the day and during exercise in particular. CV indicators may include such data as heart rate and its derivatives like variability or resting, blood pressure, cholesterol levels.

Collection Methods

Data may be collected by the user entering directly into the Cardiac Peak website/App or through a 3rd party device/App in which the user expressly provided permission for Cardiac Peak to collect.

How We Use Your Data

Exercise Programs

You may choose to participate in exercise and training programs. We use your program and completion details to provide you goal adherence and success as well as provide you insight into how to achieve your goals of cardiovascular health.

Cardiovascular Indicators

We use your CV indicators to provide you insight to their correlation with your exercise programs as well as changes to your CV indicators over time. We use your CV indicators to provide insight into your overall and categorical heart health, such as oxygen and exercise efficiency.

How We Share Your Data

Third Parties

We do not share any of your data, personal, health or otherwise to any 3rd parties.


We do not share any of your data, personal, health or otherwise to any advertisers, marketers or any parties whatsoever.

Retention of Data

Control Your Personal Data

We will retain your personal data as long as your Cardiac Peak account is active. We provide you the right to delete any or all of your personal data.


The user and no other party has ownership of all personal data.